This is just getting silly now, I'm faced with way too many amazing legs and I'm having trouble getting to sleep at night because of it.

On another plus note. What a lovely hand bag.

JUN 21 2013

Hot MILF has boner!

Is it just me (probably is) or does this hot mum have a boner causing her dress to poke out? Naaaa, can't be... Can it?

Course not!! It can't be... Can it? I'm sure it isn't... I'm all confused.

Ahh, fuck it - She's hot anyway. Bring it on!

JUN 21 2013

Smoking Milf

Seriously... Look, she's smoking! I didn't make it up

These legs are salute worthy. We should literally start holding monthly get-togethers just to talk about the wonder that are these legs.

I've already got the activities planned, these include but are not limited too:

A) Creating our own paper mache copies of these legs.

B) Building a slide in the shape of these legs.

C) Creating hats that look like her legs using various arts and craft supplies.

D) Build a theme park that takes all its inspiration from these legs.

I appreciate that point D will take a while and require much funding but that's a good thing!

She's on a break, doing her thing. You have to respect this about her.

JUN 20 2013

MILF Frogger

This is one brave MILF, I wouldn't be playing Frogger on a busy road, especially not with a kid! Crazy...

Near a tree

this milf will be

I like to see

milf by tree




If you know anybody not enjoying MILF Monday then be a saint and cheer them up!

Although, I have no idea if the hotty in this photo did what the title says as the submission was anonymous BUT hey "Snap yourself ... Send it in" :)

A lesson to be learnt by all here. If you check your phone in the comfort and security of your own home then you're still gonna get snapped.

But hey! With legs like that who the hell wouldn't want to take a picture for, you know, time alone later!