About Milf Shots

Hey! What's up? You're probably one of the few who bother to look at this page, but as you are here now let me tell you about this website...

Milf Shots is a website purely for your visual entertainment, we post images of sexy woman which we have found or taken ourselves. But this is a community, a community of people who just love women and we want you all to get out there and taking shots of beautiful babes! If you wish to submit some photos you have taken then click here.

But, it's not just MILF?

Well spotted! We want as MANY MILF shots as we can possible lay our hands on but we need your help!

But why not just MILF? We're suckers for all women so it would be criminal not to post images of all gorgeous women we snap or have sent to us - I'm sure you will agree!


A lot of our images are candid photos, this basically means that if a person doesn't realise they have been photographed then it's candid! These photos are always fun because it captures a person unaware and highlights them in a more natural manner (plus, you know - Lots of ass/leg from shots sneakingly taken behind the subject!)

How do I submit my own shots?

This could not be easier! Click the link over to your right (or left if you're reading this upside down) "Submit Your Shots" - It's THAT simple!

I'm in! Anything I should know?

Basically, as long as it isn't illegal you're good to go. All content submitted is tagged with your IP address and will not hesitate to report anything submitted that is fucking nasty and just plain wrong (people under 18, graphic porn for instance!). Keep it RIGHT, eg:

  • Ass shots
  • Cleavage shots
  • Bikini shots
  • Upskirt shots
  • Boob shots
  • Girlfriend / Ex Girlfriend shots

To name a few, but use your imagination: Legs, tight jeans, see through tops, short skirts!

Whaa? I am on this site BUT don't want to be

No problem! If you've spotted yourself on this website firstly be flattered that somebody found you so mind blowingly sexy that they just had to share you with the World. Secondly, Contact us and let us know the post title and we'll remove for you.


This site doesn't often show nudity, the most you're see will be lovely jugs - nothing more than you'll see on Page 3 of the SUN newspaper! However, we require that you be aged 18 or over to really visit our website or comment and submit photos.